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Dividend Policy and Payment

It is the intention of the Company to distribute a dividend to shareholders in an amount equaling no less than 20% of the Company’s net profit, as set out in the Company’s separate annual financial statements (after taxes and reserves, as required by applicable laws and as determined by the Company). The Company’s dividend policy (including the review and amendment to the dividend policy) is subject to the results of operations and financial condition of the Company, cash flows, terms and restrictions under relevant agreements (such as loan repayment terms), reserves for working capital, potential investment plans, and business expansion, market conditions and other relevant considerations as the Company’s Board of Directors may deem relevant or appropriate, including regulatory requirements and other necessities.

list of
Date pay
Category dividend
(per share)
Unit Turnover cycle Dividend from
28 Apr 2565 - 29 Apr 2565 20 May 2565 Stock dividend 13.00 : 1.00 Share 01 Jan 2021 -
31 Dec 2021
Net profit
28 Apr 2565 - 29 Apr 2565 20 May 2565 Cash 0.274 Baht 01 Jan 2021 -
31 Dec 2021
Net profit