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Right of Shareholder

Shareholders’ Rights and Equitable Treatment

All shareholders are considered as business owners and receive the fundamental rights equally including the right to trade and transfer shares, the right to receive profit/dividend based on their shareholding percentage, the right to receive adequate information in time and in the appropriate form via easy-to-access channels to support their decisions on what has impact on the Company or themselves, the right to elect and remove directors, the right to approve the appointment of the auditor, and the right to participate in meetings of shareholders to exercise their voting rights.

The Company’s duty to exercise fair and equal treatment to all shareholders as well as to protect the shareholder rights are as follows:

  • Recognize the importance of encouraging the shareholders to exercise their rights.
  • Be cautious not to cause any violation or deprivation of the shareholders’ rights.
  • Support and provide the shareholders with an equal opportunity to study information of the Company.
  • Draw up preventative measures against the use of inside information to unduly seek benefit for himself/herself or for other person.
  • Provide channels through which all shareholders can exercise their rights to report to the Board of Directors any problems which affect their interest as shareholders.
  • Encourage the exercise of the right to participate in meetings of shareholders. For every meeting of shareholders, the Company has additional duties as follows:
    • Notify the shareholders in advance of the rules and procedures for participating in meetings of shareholders and casting of voting.
    • Provide each agenda’s information necessary and sufficient for the shareholders’ decision making, in advance and in time so as to provide the shareholders with an opportunity to study the meeting supporting information before receiving documents from the Company.
    • Encourage and facilitate all shareholders as appropriate, so they exercise the right to participate in and vote at meetings or grant proxies to participate in and vote at meetings on their behalf without limiting or obstructing communication among the shareholders.
    • Provide a proxy form, which the shareholders can dictate the direction of their voting.
    • Nominate at least one Independent Directors as alternative proxies for the shareholders.
    • Encourage the Directors and Chairman to allocate their time to participate in every meeting of shareholders.
    • Arrange for the registration system that facilitates the shareholders.
    • Encourage the shareholders to express their opinions, make recommendations and ask questions in the meetings of shareholders.